East Cairngorms The Jacobite Whisky Trail

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Imagine a place where the senses ignite, where history is made, and heritage is passed down the generations.

The East Cairngorms is teeming with the stories which bring alive our history and heritage. The mountains instilled a passion in our ancestors which is still alive today. The Jacobite and Whisky Trail brings alive the connection between two key aspects; a time when our ancestors raised the standard and toasted with whisky drank from the Quoich.

You can relive their experiences by wandering around the landmarks, imagining the atmosphere and excitement, whilst seeing how modern day has interwoven to remind us of how quickly our stories turn into our histories.

Plan your history adventure on the map below.

Find your Light in the richness of our Jacobite Trail around Braemar and Ballater.

Arrange your History and Heritage experience using the Jacobite Whisky Trail map today

Be inspired at The Quoich Punchbowl where legend has it that the ‘bowl’ was filled with whisky and honey for clansmen to toast the ‘Old Pretender’

Follow the whisky theme by enjoying whisky chocolates at Braemar Chocolate Shop.

Wander down to Braemar Castle which rose from the ashes after being burnt to the ground by the Black Colonel, and became a garrison to house government forces to prevent illicit whisky production. Reflect on the Martin Creed artwork “Everything is going to be alright”!

Take a walk over the Old Brig O’Dee built in 1753 after the quelling of the 1745 Rising.

Continue to Lochangar Distillery where, fortunately you can now legitimately enjoy our whisky. Continue along the A93 and discover the hidden memorial of Carn-na-Cuimhne. The trail takes you all the way to Ballater and Tullich. By which time you will be ready for a hearty meal and a wee dram in one of our many bars such as the Balmoral Bar.

Route Map

The East Cairngorms is waiting to be discovered.
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Arrange your History and Heritage experience using the Jacobite Whisky Trail map today