Despite its small population, Braemar also hosts a vibrant cultural scene. Being 50 miles distant from the nearest cities, the local community seeks to provide cultural, physical and artistic pursuits year-round.

The village is most famous for the Braemar Gathering, an annual event organised by the Braemar Royal Highland Society. The ‘Gathering’, a tradition since 1832 but with much older origins, brings together the best of traditional sports with the finest of Scottish music and dance, attracting crowds upwards of 13,000 people worldwide.

Drum majors Games park

The village boasts a bowling club, a golf club, a performance arts centre, two village halls, one including a theatre, several book clubs, sewing and knitting circles, a drama group, a choir, a Scottish dancing club, a traditional music band and ukulele band and a fortnightly farmers’ market.

Alongside a range of concerts, exhibitions and other events two festivals are organised each year. Braemar Creative Arts Festival is a 5-day event offering classes and workshops in creative, artistic pursuits and the Braemar Mountain Festival attracts an audience passionate about mountains with a programme of guided walks, ski touring, specialist talks and films.