The Bough Breaks (Film and Q&A)

When is the event?

18th March 2024

Event Details

We will be showing the film ‘The Bough Breaks’ which has, at its heart, the work of visionary conservationist and ecologist, Alan Watson Featherstone. His charity, Trees for Life, has been restoring Scotland’s ancient Caledonian forest since the 1980s.

The film also explores the wider ‘Rewilding’ movement and how its model of large-scale forest restoration can mitigate some of the global conservation and climate crises currently threatening life on Earth.

Alan’s personal journey illustrates the urgency for more individual responsibility in the stewardship of our planet and the enormous legacy one man can gift to the future, by staying true to his personal vision.

This award-winning film (75mins) was produced by the small team at Mousehole films and the screening will be followed by a Q & A session with the film makers.

Tea and coffee will be available.

Contributors to the film include those listed below, who each explain how Alan’s approach has inspired them and why it is so important we follow his lead:

George Monbiot (Orwell prize-winning journalist, activist and author of Feral and Regenesis)
Roy Dennis MBE (pre-eminent conservationist and author of Restoring the Wild)
Dr Duncan Halley (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)
Shaila Rao (Ecologist, Mar Lodge Estate/BBC Springwatch/Winterwatch)
Dr David Hetherington (Ecologist and author of the Lynx and Us)
Dr Louise Ross (University of Aberdeen’s School of Biological Sciences)
Paul, Sophie and Louise Ramsay (Bamff Wildland)
Lynn Bowser (Argaty Red Kites)
Molly Doubleday (RSPB Capercaillie Advisory Officer)


Where is the event?

Braemar Village Hall
AB35 5RF