Legendary Braemar exploring landscape, love and legends

When is the event?

23rd April 2022

Event Details

Legendary Braemar is a new commission from St Margaret’s, exploring landscape, love and legends: tales from the village and upper Deeside area.

A collaboration in music and storytelling, Legendary Braemar features original music from award-winning duo Chris Stout (fiddle) and Catriona Mckay (harp) and stories selected and retold by North East Makar Sheena Blackhall and actor Hamish Somers.

This new work is created especially for the magical, intimate surrounds of St Margaret’s Braemar, drawing inspiration from this unique corner of the Grampians which has borne witness to major historical events, hosting kings, queens, Jacobite rebels and mysterious murders — spawning countless ghost stories and local legends. Little wonder it was Braemar that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to create one of the most fiendish villains in literature in the form of Long John Silver.

The performers will weave together spoken word and music, immersing the audience in this world of local lore and legend.

Where is the event?

St Margaret's


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

£12.50 to £15

07553 088605

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