Identification Workshop for Birds: Mountains, Moors and Forest

When is the event?

17th May 2023

Event Details

Discover the Cairngorm mountains, from Ptarmigan and Ring Ouzels, right down through
the glens and their Black Grouse, Crossbills and Redstarts. Enjoy all of these and more on
our back-to-back May not-for-profit workshops.
Get more from your birding!
We will meet in Crathie in upper Deeside and explore the banks of the River Dee before
heading out in search of moorland birds and raptors. In the afternoon we will ascend to
Glenshee pass where we will stop to search for Red Grouse, Mountain Hare and Ring Ouzel.
Join our back-to-back bird ID workshops from the Cairngorms to the coast.

Further details can be found on our website:
Profit from these events goes to the nature reserves utilised and also to raptor conservation
Black Grouse

Where is the event?

Wild Discovery
AB35 5UL