Identification Workshop for Birds: Dawn Chorus

When is the event?

19th May 2023

Event Details

Over the course of the morning we will listen for as many species as possible at Muir of
Dinnet National Nature Reserve. We will get to know the commoner species and understand
a little more about how to identify different bird calls and songs. We will be able to hear and
discuss the differences between birds that sing in woodlands and those in more open
habitats and with luck our encounters could include Tree Pipit, Redstart, Yellowhammer,
Osprey, Goldeneye, Goshawk and Crossbill.
Join our back-to-back bird ID workshops from the Cairngorms to the coast.
Further details can be found on our website:
Profit from these events goes to the nature reserves utilised and also to raptor conservation
in Scotland.

Where is the event?

Wild Discovery
AB35 5UL