Wildlife around Braemar — Winter

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Mountain HareNow resplendent in their white winter plumage, resident Ptarmigan will be joined by visitors from further north who prefer the ‘milder’ Scottish winter. Look out for large flocks of Fieldfare and the smaller Redwing, busy feeding on any berries they can find.

Some mammals also get a winter coat to better blend in with the landscape and avoid predators, amongst them the Mountain Hare which sometimes ventures off the mountains and can sometimes be seen in the glens. Red Squirrels’ coats can turn almost grey in winter, but they are still conspicuous with their tufted ears; they don’t hibernate so you have a good chance of seeing them hunting for fresh food or looking for their earlier stores.

Snow BuntingIn winter you are more likely to see greater numbers of Red Deer along the glens and in the open valleys as they search for forage in the snow.