Braemar Care Initiative

The Braemar Care Initiative (BCI) is a community led initiative arising from feedback in the Community Action Plan regarding the availability, delivery and structure of health and social care in the Braemar area.  The Scottish Government is a strong advocate of care within the community especially in a remote-rural community such as Braemar.

A steering group has been formed consisting of a cross section of the local community who are being supported by the Health and Social Care Partnership. A workplan has been drafted which will consider 5 key deliverables:-

  • To identify and understand the health and social care needs of the Braemar area community
  • To create effective partnerships which facilitate the aims of BCI and in particular top quality health and social care
  • To develop and maintain effective communications which fully involve the local community, partners and key stakeholders
  • To develop a structure and organisation which not only provides high quality care and support but also creates local employment, training and development opportunities
  • To ensure delivery of innovative and sustainable health and social care which is safe, flexible, consistent and affordable and in line with current best practice.

The steering group is grateful for the funding received to date from Braemar Nitter-Natter group and Health and Social Care Partnership.

Further information is available from Carole Paterson